You are currently viewing 5.8 Million RedDoorz User Records For Sale On Hacking Platform – BleepingComputer

5.8 Million RedDoorz User Records For Sale On Hacking Platform – BleepingComputer

BleepingComputer reports that there is a hacker or a group of them selling over 5.8 million RedDoorz user records on a platform. RedDoorz, a Singaporean hotel management & booking forum, had suffered a data breach in September 2020.


However, after the data breach, RedDoorz management had attempted to assure users of their safety by downplaying the gravity of the breach. Users access RedDoorz via its mobile app or website and they provide some sensitive details for their accounts on the platform. In a report, BleepingComputer revealed that the hackers had managed to obtain more serious details than RedDoorz management let on.


“As part of the sale, the threat actor shared a database sample, including the table structure and records for 587 users. These records allow us to see what was exposed during the RedDoorz breach. For each user records in the database, a RedDoorz member’s email, bcrypt hashed passwords, full name, gender, link to profile photo, phone number, secondary phone number, date of birth, and occupation is exposed,” the report reads.

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This is scary as it means that just about any hacker can purchase enough legit details to; target a person with accurate phishing emails or steal a person’s identity. RedDoorz also confirmed that the listed email addresses and phone numbers are correct. It says that no financial details were leaked.


To make it easier for users of RedDoorz to confirm if they have been compromised; Cyble a cyber-threat expert company, indexed the breached data. It said that people can make the verification for free via their website.


RedDoorz has over 1,000 properties and millions of users. This kind of data breach can happen to any big company that handle users accounts. It is why it is important to reduce your digital footprint online. And also, avoid spreading your sensitive details too thin that a leak could leave you totally vulnerable.


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