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How You Benefit From Google Users Safety And Security Protocols Update

In a recent blog post, Google is revealing details on how its users can fully benefit from its many safety and security features update.


The search engine company mentions that it enables feature safe browsing on 4 billion devices. In addition, Gmail is actively working and blocks over 100 million phishing attempts daily. Google Play Protect is also another way that it protects users of its digital applications store.


“We work to make it easy for you to act fast if we ever detect a serious risk to your Google Account,” the company wrote. Proactive protection is a key part of Google’s security protocols. While it already has an alert system for suspected hacks on Google Accounts, it is rolling out a new update.


This one will make it easier for you to resolve security alert issues without having to go to your Gmail. Also, this new alert will be difficult for hackers to fake.

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This is not all, Google is also introducing a Guest mode to its Assistant software. When Google Assistant is on Guest mode, all your activities on it will not be saved to your account. Users can turn the mode on and off with simple voice commands. Also, the software can now provide more answers concerning the Google security and privacy.


How To Fully Benefit From Google Users Safety And Security Protocols Update


Google Assistant users can easily delete their data history as well giving them more control over their privacy. Soon, users will be able to edit their Location History data in Timeline. The security changes will spread to all Google offerings including Chrome, Google Workspace, and so on.


Android 11 will be the company’s way of giving back users control over their lives. Most of its improvements border on privacy and security. It is important to keep up to date with security updates to know how you can fully benefit from them.


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