You are currently viewing YouTube redesigns UI, see the key changes here

YouTube redesigns UI, see the key changes here

— YouTube updates design with ambient mode and precise seeking.
— The changes offer better viewing experience and improved forwarding/rewinding functions.
— You can now zoom in and out with a pinch gesture.

YouTube is bringing new colour designs and improving the video player as part of its redesigned video player and other updates.

The colour changes include an ambient mode that leverages dynamic colours to bring subtle effects to the app background in keeping with the video you are watching.

According to a blog post, the change came from the light that screens cast in a darkened room. The aim is to offer a more immersive viewing experience. Ambient mode will be available on web and mobile when you turn on the YouTube dark theme option. It will also work on video playlists.

The platform is also updating its dark theme option with an even darker feature that will work on web, mobile and Smart TVs.

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In addition, YouTube product designers have configured links in video descriptions to change into buttons. Meanwhile, it has redesigned the like, share and download buttons to be less obstructive.

YouTube redesigns UI, see the key changes here
YouTube redesigns UI with key changes. Image Source: YouTube Blog.

You will likely notice that the subscribe button now has a new shape and it is no longer red but has better contrast that makes it easier to spot. Also, the platform is getting new commands in the video player, like pinch to zoom and precise seeking.

The pinch to zoom feature allows users on iOS or Android phones to zoom in and out of a video. With precise seeking, which works on both desktop and mobile, you can drag or swipe up to display a row of thumbnails in the video player where you can go to the exact part of the video you want.

You can also long press any part of the screen to seek and double tap with two fingers to skip chapters, where applicable. Videos now come with graphs to show parts that are frequently replayed.

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