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New study suggests video gamers have higher brain function

— A study shows that video gamers have higher brain functions than non-gamers.
— Researchers cannot decide if the games are responsible for the improve brain activity.

A new study showed that kids who play video games have a higher brain function that does who don’t. They also prove to have improved memory and better motor skills.

Although, the researchers do not assign the difference to the video games themselves, it is easy to infer. There is no conclusion yet on what makes gamer brains different from non-gamers, but it does exist.

It is difficult to conclude hastily because it could mean that kids who already have higher brain functions are drawn to gaming. Also, there is no ruling out that gaming could indeed increase brain activities like cognition.

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The study had used a data sample of 2,217 children between the ages of nine and ten obtained from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) research. It included examinations like brain imaging, cognitive tasks, mental health screenings, physical health exams, and more.

“This study adds to our growing understanding of the associations between playing video games and brain development,” Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, said in a press statement.

Video gamers had improved activity in brain regions involved with attention and memory when they were performing the tests. However, there were no differences between them when it came to mental health. Showing that there is no proof of games damaging children’s emotion.

Recall that we reported that some dangers were associated with gaming by another study, which included increasing the risk of unconsciousness among kids with heart irregularities.

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