You are currently viewing YouTube is testing a new feature to help creators combat spam comments

YouTube is testing a new feature to help creators combat spam comments

YouTube is rolling out a new AI feature to help cut down spam comments on videos, and it is tagged “increase strictness.”

The ‘Increase Strictness’ feature is the latest weapon that the vide-sharing platform is using to fight spam comments. It used to be enough for creators to delete spam comments by themselves, but the sheer number of subscribers and users that come across their content means that they cannot take on this herculean task with the hope of finishing it.

Before now, there were several means of minimising spamming the comment section, including holding all comments for individual reviews and disabling the comments completely. However, these two options defeat the purpose of creating a YouTube community, free interaction. This is why several YouTubers continue to allow comments indiscriminately despite the chances of spam and trolling.

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Although, before now, there was a free source tool called YouTube Spammer Purge that helps you to scan and delete spam comments through 15 different filtering methods, including texts, usernames, channel ID, and so on.

Additionally, the platform itself claims to have been using ‘machine learning and human review’ to remove spam comments. Yet, the 950 million comments it supposedly removed in the last three months of 2022 were not enough as creators keep lamenting the same issue.

“Given the evolving nature and shifting tactics of spammy content, we’ll continue to adapt our systems to stay current,” the company’s spokesperson Ivy Choi said while explaining the purpose of the new ‘Increase Strictness.’ There is no mention of a rollout timetable yet.

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