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Why Using Your Smartphone While In Transit Leaves You More Vulnerable

Your cybersecurity can be compromised easily in transit when you use your smartphone on the go. It is almost inevitable that you will use your smartphone while on the move because it is likely the only time you have.


All through the day, you may have had to race against the clock to meet up before the close of work. Therefore, it is important that you learn about the potential dangers of using your smartphone while in transit. Also, see some ways to protect yourself.


One of the foremost danger is that thieves see the type of smartphone you are using, thus making you a target. If you own an expensive phone and use it while going and returning from work, it is similar to painting a large target on your back.


The only way to avoid falling victim is to simply stop using it indiscriminately. Limit its use. If the environment seems unfriendly, keep it in your bag or pocket.


Besides the above, there is also the possibility that some other criminal is monitoring your phone activity. How many times do you remember to look up from your smartphone while on the bus or at the bus stop? Chances are that you never do.

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Therefore, you should avoid doing sensitive things on your phone while in public. For example, don’t enter passwords and pins unless you check to see that no one is spying on you.


using smartphone in public
Making phone calls in public can be dangerous. Photo: Quartz.


Another way you are vulnerable is what you say on phone calls while in public. Conversations that have sensitive details should be left for private settings or you may just be giving a predator all the information he/she needs.


Further, this extends to chats as well. Passing information that is sensitive while in close proximity with strangers is dangerous.


Also, you should bear in mind that when your security is compromised especially on your smartphone, you put your loved ones in danger as well. Information gleaned from your security lapse can be used to target people close to you as well.


Stay safe and alert at all times.


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