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New WhatsApp Group feature will give admins more power

Already spotted in WhatsApp Beta testing stage, group admins will now have the power to delete other member’s messages for everyone in the group.

The phrase, with great power comes greater responsibility, has never been truer for WhatsApp admins. Now, they are in more control of what happens within their groups than ever before.

The feature was initially spotted in December of 2021 in a beta testing update but was not eventually rolled out. Likely, the messaging company wanted to improve the feature. According to Android Police, what changed between then and now is a new prompt when the admin tries deleting messages in a group for everyone.

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“As an admin, you are deleting someone else’s message for everyone in this chat. They will see that you deleted the message,” the new prompt, which doubles as a confirmation says in a screenshot.

In addition to your seeing this, as an admin, you will leave the ‘You deleted this message’ sign in your wake after taking such action. However, it is not clear yet what the message says to others. Will it be a broad ‘Admin deleted this message’ or, in a situation where there are more than one admins in the group, the person’s name is revealed?

Regardless, the new feature will be a welcome development for groups. It is part of the wider Communities improvement that WhatsApp promised.

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