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WhatsApp announces new emoji reactions to messages and more

Now, you can react to WhatsApp messages with reactions in the latest announcement coming to the chat platform. In addition to this, the cap on file sharing has been moved up to 2GB from the previous 100MB limit. Also, group chats will be increasing to 512 users.

It is the season of change and the features rolling out really proves that the Meta-owned chat company has been working on improvements. Its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg had announced the WhatsApp messages reactions news via a Facebook post on May 5.

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At launch, the platform seems to support only 7 emoji reactions to messages but more will be added in the future. It is a good way to interact with people as you can show how you feel about a particular message using an emoji.

Also, although there have been bootleg versions of WhatsApp that helped increase the maximum number of users in a group, the company is making it officially available. Just over half of 1,000 people can now join a group. This improvement will likely increase group activities among communities.

The size limit upgrade also makes it possible to continue to use WhatsApp as your one-and-all communication platform. While the improved larger groups feature would be available soon, the emoji reactions and file size increase are going to come with the next version update.

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