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What You Should Know About Madagascar’s COVID-Organics Cure And Senegal’s $1 COVID-19 Test Kits

In the race for solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, Senegal has developed a test kit that costs $1 while Madagascar claims to have found a cure named COVID-organics.


In March 2020, the UK and Senegal had partnered to develop a COVID-19 test kit that costs around $1 to produce (per unit). Even more amazing is the fact that these test kits could have results ready within 10 minutes.


It was to use a saliva-based virus antigen test and a blood-based antibody test. It was also touted as being able to give an easily readable result. Probably something like a line that appears if the patient tests positive for pregnancy or so.


However, after the initial buzz that it had generated, not much was heard about the test kits again. It seems that they have been testing the kits all this while.


A Bloomberg article had speculated that it may be launching sometime in June 2020. But, an Aljazeera video on YouTube has produced evidence that Senegal has begun using it.



Since it is cheap and easy to produce, from the country’s AIDS and Ebola experience, Senegal is testing everyone. This is a much better development as they are not taking chances.

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The Institut Pasteur de Dakar taking the lead in producing the kits says that the goal is to manufacture at least 2 to 4 million units. This will also assist other African countries battling the virus.


In addition to the news about the $1 COVID-19 test kits in Senegal, there are stories about a possible cure for the pandemic in Madagascar.


While the World Health Organization (WHO) and other notable health bodies around the world maintain that there is no cure for COVID-19 yet, Madagascar claims to have found one and named it COVID-organics.


COVID-organics is said to be made from natural ingredients and President Andry Rajoelina of Madagascar launched it last week; drinking from it on national TV.



It is touted as acting as both a vaccine and a cure as well. For now, there is no verified information concerning the effectiveness of this product. But the President allegedly said schools will reopen by Wednesday, 29th April 2020.


Social media has been alit with users praising the efforts of the two African countries.


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