You are currently viewing Watch YouTuber MrBeast Cure 1,000 Blind People

Watch YouTuber MrBeast Cure 1,000 Blind People

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has shared his latest YouTube video where he helps 1,000 blind people regain their eyesight. The emotional video also proves informative on several levels.


Watch here:


According to the video, there are 200 million people all over the world suffering from various degrees of blindness and the interesting fact is that half of these are treatable. The video is part of a money-raising campaign #TogetherInSight by SEE, which claims to have raised $354,512 and conducted a total of 14,181 surgeries.


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The surgery in the MrBeast video is not complicated as the surgeon explains that most blindness are caused by a layer of cloud covering their eye lens. So, the surgeon uses a tiny vacuum to suck the cloud away and replace it with an artificial layer.


In addition to curing them of their blindness, Donaldson also gives many of the people in the video cash prices to help them get back on their feet. He commonly gives prices of about $10,000 but he gave one boy $50,000 to pay for college tuition and gave another one a brand new Tesla because he expressed a desire to drive when he gets his eyesight back.


Watch YouTuber MrBeast Cure 1,000 Blind People
Watch YouTuber MrBeast Cure 1,000 Blind People


MrBeast journey as a content creator has come a long way and some of the activities that have made him famous include giveaways. However, he does things that benefit the larger community such as planting 20 million trees and cleaning what he called the world’s dirtiest beach.


At 24, he runs the fourth-most subscribed YouTube Channel and the most by an individual. His latest video on curing 1,000 blind people has garnered over 25 million views within 24 hours.


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