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Want To Have A Great Morning? Add These 10 Things To Your Night Routine

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After a long day of the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s sometimes easier to just fall back on the usual nighttime routine of showering, eating and sleeping. Unfortunately, this could set you up for an unproductive morning. Not preparing for the following day ahead of time will definitely result in stress, and stress has a way of affecting your mental processing capability.

The internet is filled with many “expert” opinions on how you can start your day with a morning routine. Granted, these work. But would they work for you? Would it be possible to get up at the sound of the alarm clock, drink your coffee and get your morning started like you’re some kind of pre-programmed robot? Get real! What works for others may not work for you.

Not everyone can get up after four hours of sleep, ready to take the world by storm. That natural adrenaline rush isn’t how all humans are wired, unfortunately. Studies suggest that being a morning or night person is dependent on genes. If you are a morning person who always wakes up with a high level of energy, then this post isn’t for you.

Thankfully, for you who cringes at the sound of the shrill alarm clock in the wee hours of the morning, then this is what you should be reading. Here are ten nighttime routines that can set you up for a better morning:

1. Avoid randomness

Shut down the wheel in your head that keeps spinning and reminding you of things your brain thinks it should be doing. There are indeed a lot of things you need to sort out after having a long day, but the honest fact is that they aren’t all important. Take your time to declutter your mind and you’ll be just fine.

2. Eliminate negativity

At the point where you try to rest, you realise that your brain becomes confused as to whether it’s bedtime or work time. You begin to think of tasks you haven’t completed and time begins to speed up when you’re in this state. The simple way to break out of this is to calmly get yourself thinking about positive things.

3. Do what you love

It’s always best to please yourself by doing something you love. It may range from music, a movie, a book or even counting sheep. Just get yourself in a happy place by engaging in an activity you enjoy.

4. Plan the next day

Get yourself prepared for the next day by planning for it. There’s nothing like being prepared as it helps you meet or even exceed your own expectations. Get a note and write down every task you want to achieve. You’d rest easy when you have everything your mind is bugging you about written out.

5. Read your goals

Written them down? Now read them. Personal coach Brian Tracy completely agrees in this principle. He believes, “You become what you think about most of the time. You achieve what you think about most of the time.”

6. Allot a moment of reflection and prayer

In all your worry and peace-seeking, remember to be thankful for a day well spent, stressful or not. Say a word of prayer to express gratitude that you got home safely and didn’t break down at work or school. You can also commit some minutes to read a devotion and reflect on what you’ve read. Be thankful.

7. Set out things for tomorrow

This is the part where procrastination might come to play. In fact, it is brushed aside as something that can be done the next day. The truth is if you take out time to set your outfit, breakfast, shoes, bag and other items you might need the following day, you’ll spend less time in haste the next day. So be prepared and avoid procrastination.

8. Set an exclusive family ritual

While working and stressing about work, it’s very easy to ignore what’s more important: family. Ensure you set out family time to share your day and bond. You can relax with your family by watching a favourite television programme or just talking about random stuff. They are a huge part of your life and need not be neglected.

9. Say your personal conviction

If you don’t have one, then you need one. You need to recite your personal convictions to find peace within yourself. Get yourself in a state of calmness, natural tranquillity to enable you to rest easy at night. You can either recite a favourite verse or stick with your beliefs. Either way, your subconscious will convert this and help you sustain that peace.

10. Unleash your imagination

Let your imagination take you to places where everything is right and perfect. Had a bad day? It’s fine because at this point you can get yourself to visualise a better day for yourself.

Beginning and sustaining these routines might not be the easiest thing to do but once you get it right, it would be a smooth sail all the way. Practising a night routine helps you in many ways to get your morning started on a positive note with fewer things to worry about.

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