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"Up North" Netflix

“Up North” Is Coming To Netflix!

Nollywood seems to be taking Netflix by storm! First was Genevieve’s “Lionheart”, then the “Wedding Party” franchise and many others. Now, joining the Netflix Nollywood film catalogue is Tope Oshin’s “Up North”.


Meanwhile, via a Twitter thread, script co-writer and CEO of co-production company Anakle Films, Editi Effiong, announced that “Up North” would make its Netflix debut on 18th October 2019.


Check out the tweet below:


“Up North” is a successful film that made its nationwide theatrical release last December. The film is a coming-of-age story of sorts. It follows Bassey Otuekong, played by Banky W, a spoilt heir who goes through life changes during his youth service. A rebellious and nonchalant son, Bassey Otuekong is a thorn in the side of his father.


Flexing on some “I just got back” flow, he is the archetype of the aloof social media-loving Nigerian youth. The film proceeds with his father deciding to punish him and trying to curb his excesses for a while. His father, Chief Otuekong (Kanayo O.Kanayo), then decides to send him to Bauchi for his compulsory service year, preparing him to take over the company and also humbling him in the process.


"Up North" Netflix

Photo: YouTube


In Bauchi, Bassey finds friendship, love and a passion that burns deep, and as his father would say, make him into a man that he was never before. “Up North” is Anakle Film’s debut feature-length film, in collaboration with Inkblot Productions. The film has a runtime of about two hours.


Netflix truly is delving into the Nollywood scene in full effect. The streaming giant is expanding its Nollywood film catalogue. In the last month, six Kunle Afolayan films and also three blockbuster films from FilmOne Productions — “The Wedding Party 2”, “Merry Men” and “King Of Boys” — have been made available for international viewing on Netflix.


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