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Uber confirms hacking incident, says nothing about data leaks

Uber says that it is investigating a hacking incident and reports claim that the ride-hailing company had to take down its internal messaging service and engineering systems to do so.

Inside sources claim that the company warned its staff to stay off its Slack channel until investigation was over and they received new instructions.

The hacker had revealed themselves in grand style, going on the internal messaging board to announce: “I announce I am a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach.” The message was followed by several emojis, which have translated to nothing so far.

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Uber tweeted that it was working on the hacking incident, and promised to share more details when it becomes available.

Meanwhile, the company did not reveal what data the bad actor got access to. However, the source told The New York Times that the hacker had shared some of the databases that were allegedly compromised.

What Uber’s spokesperson says is that it was an employee’s account that got compromised. The bad actor used it to post an explicit image on the company’s internal page.

The ride-hailing firm does not have the best reputation when it comes to sharing details with the public. However, the 2022 Uber claims to be different from the pre-2018 one.

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