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Turn on Facebook Protect now before you are locked out of your account

Facebook users are being locked out of their accounts for failing to turn on Facebook Protect; see what it is all bout and how to turn it on now.

The Verge reported that many Facebook users were locked out of their accounts for failing to turn on the Facebook Protect feature on 17 March.

Facebook Protect is an extra layer of security for people with a wide reach and massive following, who are likely to be targets of hackers and bad actors. The social media company mentions human rights defenders, journalists, and government officials as members of this group of users. The feature provides them with two-factor authentication (2FA) login to help make it safer.

However, the issue with locking the accounts was that Facebook’s email warning of the impending act was mostly ignored. It had come with a tag that read, “Your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect,” and many people likely ignored it because it seemed like a phishing attempt.

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It now turns out that it is not a scam attempt and you have to turn on Facebook Protect or your account will be locked.

How to turn on Facebook Protect

  • Go to your Facebook page
  • Click or tap on the menu icon and navigate to Settings & Privacy > SettingsSecurity and Login (for desktop) or Password and Security (for mobile)
  • You will see Facebook Protect and a note under that says “Facebook Protect is Off”, what you do next is tap on the arrow (mobile) or click on Get Started (desktop).
  • Next follow prompts until the process is complete.

While many users are now trying to turn on the feature and log back in, they have faced challenges and remain locked out of their accounts.

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