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To Kneel Or Not To Kneel: How Should The Big Question Be Popped?

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Why does a proposal seem incomplete without a man or woman bending on one knee to ask the big question, “Will you marry me?” The year 2018 presented many unconventional proposals, the one of which involved women proposing to their men. While some got a positive response for that action, others were left sobbing with regrets.

One common factor in both genders is the ‘kneeling’ factor. Why kneel down to propose in the first place? Where did it originate from? It’s baffling how many people are ignorant of why they do what they do, but simply do it because others do.

It was once a norm in some cultures for parents to have their children betrothed even before they learn to walk. Although it’s no longer a norm, the engagement is still relatable in the modern age when a man chooses who he wants to marry and brings her to his family, and vice versa. They become bound by a mutual agreement and, most times, a ring. Although, a lot of engagements are called off even after an engagement ceremony.

But what really happens before the engagement.

  • Ring ✅
  • Man or Woman ✅
  • Location ✅
  • Bent knee???

One possible origin of this kneeling concept is the middle age tradition of courtly love. During this period, a man of good birth would devote himself to a woman of noble birth who he sensed as superior to him. He would then present himself in a servant-like state by kneeling, spiritually and figuratively. It represented surrender and admiration.

Kneeling is also seen among Christians as a form of supplication, humility, loyalty, servitude and surrender. Therefore, it could also mean the same thing among men who kneel when proposing. Subject to her response, he is showing a sign of surrender, humility and loyalty.

Is this culture of kneeling foreign to Africans? Or has it been embraced the same way certain aspects of the Western culture and religion like white weddings have become somewhat rooted in tradition?

Many people around the world go through so much drama when they can simply ask their beloved, “Will you marry me?”

A Plat4om writer, Funmi Jinadu, shared with us how she would rather have her partner propose while they are alone together. To her, it’s easier to express strong emotions, and such intimate moments are too special to be ruined by the presence of others.

Would you rather have a simple proposal without the bended knee, or you want an exotic and dramatic proposal that gets butterflies fluttering in the bellies of all who witness it?

Would you kneel or prefer to have your partner kneel when proposing?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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