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Three Steps To Change Your Google Background

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There are always creative ways to make things look more glamorous on your computer. The Google Chrome background’s custom look is bland and white.


If you are looking to make your Chrome background a little more personal and sassier, this is how to do it.


First, you need to know that this will only work with a Google Chrome browser. If you use Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Opera browser, this won’t work.


Change Google Chrome background


Step 1. Go to your appearance settings

Go to the upper right corner of your Google Chrome browser. Look out for three dots. Click it to open the primary Chrome menu. Then click on Settings. A new Chrome settings tab will open. Go to the Appearance section. The first option here would be themed.


Tweaking the theme will automatically change your Google background. If you don’t already have a theme, you get an option that says Open Chrome Web Store. Select that.


Step 2. Pick your preferred theme

Now, you should be able to directly access the Chrome themes section. Browse the available themes to see which would best suit you. The sections will display the top-rated images. You can explore more options by clicking Select All to find a section you like.


Check preview images and review once you select a theme. Keep in mind that most themes will extend their patterns and colours throughout the browser tabs and windows. When you find something that suits you, proceed to click on the Add to Chrome button in the top right corner.


Step 3. Add it to Chrome

At this point, the theme should have been added automatically and enabled. You will now see your browser tabs change along with the selected theme. The primary image will also appear on the Google search page.


At the top of the window, a notification will pop up to let you know that the theme has been enabled. You can now see a pop-up notification that includes an Undo button to reverse the theme if you want.


If you will prefer to use a customised personal theme or personal photo, you will need an extra extension. Go to Chrome Web Store, download the “Background Image extension” and add it to your Chrome browser. This way you can choose a personal image to use as your Google background photo.

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