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The ‘Tech-volution’ of Beauty

Back In the 90s, the idea of enhancing a woman’s beauty was limited.

The idea of make-up was white powder and the magic lipsticks. A lot has changed since then and technology has significantly revolutionized beauty.

Today, beauty enhancement has led to some great technology innovations, some of which have taken the Nigerian market by storm. Some of them are so astonishing, one would wonder if it was magic.

Ikeja, one of the biggest business metropolis in Lagos has one of the more interesting beauty inventions – the pink lips treatment. It is a simple treatment that involves the use of needles and red/pink ink. It is as painful as it sounds.

Another interesting invention has got to be microblading.

Remember when everyone had to tattoo their brows and your aunties started to look like they were permanently surprised? Yes? Great news, that has been refined to a more interesting invention.

It is a now form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of an actual tattoo machine. It is not as painful as it sounds. They pretty much mimic actual brows while drawing the strokes.

Quite a work of art.

Here is a Buzzfeed video of the Microblading procedure

Video Credit: YouTube/BuzzFeed

This procedure has also been tried out with the hairline. People now microblade their hairline to make it appear fuller. It seems like an interesting substitute for a full-on hair transplant. You can also get almost permanent lashes too. This saves women the daily struggle of using eyelashes.

Apart from the fact that mobile phone apps can make it appear as though you have a full face of make-up on, you can actually do a permanent make-up procedure.

Just like the rest, it is also getting a full tattooed face but the tattoo mimicking makeup. You can call this a combination of the pink lip treatment, the microblading, among other things.

There are also laser machines that remove hair almost permanently.

Believe it or not, years of men going to the barber’s did not inspire this, it was the need for women to look flawless that birthed this innovation. The laser emits a light that damages the hair pigment and stunts further growth.

Dry Shampoos are an interesting one, just like it implies, it isn’t exactly liquid. It is a starch/alcohol-based spray that apparently removes the grease and oils in your hair while adding volume. So, women don’t need to worry about getting their hair wet. The safety of it long-term hasn’t been proven though.

Furthermore, there are now on-the-go hand-held machines that firm up your body and get rid of cellulite on the spot. Not to mention all the millions of dermatological inventions, creams and a suite of quick procedures.

Quick Botox procedures are also now very common in this part of the world.

Appointments for plastic surgery procedures are made on a daily in Lagos and the techniques are getting more brilliant.

How has technology revolutionized beauty for you?

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