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The Good Side Of Impulse Buying That You May Find Helpful

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When people talk about impulse buying, its usually in a negative light. People who buy things on impulse are seen as extravagant, buying things they may not need immediately.


However, impulse buying is not 100 percent wrong and surprisingly that thing you closed your eyes from buying may just be important to you later.


So today we are looking at the positive side of impulse buying and why it may not be always bad to indulge in it

1. You have it when you need it

The Good Side Of Impulse Buying You May Find Helpful


It is not a good thing to be in lack. You know that situation when you are in dire need of a thing you refused to buy. Then you regret not buying it the last time you went shopping. For example, if there is one thing you should not feel bad about, it is buying excess groceries.


This is because you will need it. When you are at the market or malls ensure to buy anything foodstuff until you exhaust all the money on you.

2. You may eventually need it

How would you feel if a cloth vendor had approached you a week before pestering you to buy a dress and you refused to buy it? Only for you to receive an invite a week later to an impromptu event that such a dress would suit.


Sometimes we buy things because of the future. If you have the money, you can spend it as it is a reward of your labour after all.

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3. The money you don’t spend now, you may spend later

The Good Side Of Impulse Buying You May Find Helpful
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Well if that money is not in the bank, or you are not disciplining yourself as regards savings, you still get to spend the money. So you may see something and stop yourself from buying it, only to eventually spend it on something that is not even worth it. If you can let go of the money then get that thing you can’t stop yourself from buying.


Thus, impulse buying is not so bad as people make it. Eventually, that thing you bought on impulse may be needed tomorrow, and if you don’t use it, then you can give it out.


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