You are currently viewing “The Ghost and the Tout Too” Is Another Basic Nollywood Comedy Without Depth

“The Ghost and the Tout Too” Is Another Basic Nollywood Comedy Without Depth

Toyin Abraham’s “The Ghost and the Tout Too” recently dropped on Netflix and it got everyone talking, as it currently trending on the streaming platform.

The film is centered on Isla (Toyin Abraham) who sees, hears, and speaks with supernatural beings, witches, and ghosts inclusive. While neck-deep in debts, she is bombarded by ghosts who want her to reach out to their families or the people that are involved in their death.

Isla with the help of her best friend Amaka (Mercy Johnson-Okojie) goes about swindling families of these ghosts until she meets Amoke, a ghost in a coma. Now Isla will decide whether to help Amoke or decide to stop seeing ghosts entirely.

"The Ghost and the Tout Too" Is Another Basic Nollywood Comedy Without Depth


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“The Ghost and the Tout Too” is a good story filled with humour. The story line preaches friendship and how one woman’s gift changes everything. However the story had its many shortcomings.

First this film is like the contemporary Nollywood film filled with a lot of celebrities. This is entirely unnecessary, as some of these characters are just not needed. For example, the role of Patience Ozokwor acting Mama G, the owner of a bar parlour was unnecessary. The bar scenes would have still played out without her.

Also Ini Edo acting Inem seemed distracted in the film, maybe her disappearance from the movie industry into politics may have made her lost her touch.

“The Ghost and the Tout Too” is still trending on Netflix.

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