You are currently viewing “Ridiculously Foolish Movie” -Negative Reviews Trail Release Of Netflix’s “Chief Daddy 2”

“Ridiculously Foolish Movie” -Negative Reviews Trail Release Of Netflix’s “Chief Daddy 2”

“Chief Daddy 2”, the sequel to the 2018 Nigerian comedy dropped on Netflix on January 1, 2022, and has been greeted with negative and even angry reactions.

Chief Daddy 2
Chief Daddy 2 official poster

The story follows a billionaire industrialist who dies after serving as a benefactor to an extended family of relatives, household staff, and several mistresses.

The late Chief Beecroft’s will, however, creates chaos amongst his family.

The Niyi Akinmolayan directed sequel sees several actors reprise their roles. Uzor Arukwe, Rahama Sadau and Broda Shaggi also join the cast.

Returning cast members include Joke Silva, Shaffy Bello, Funke Akindele-Bello, Patience Ozokwo, Nkem Owoh, Ini Edo, Dakore Akande, Falz, Zainab Balogun, Mawuli Gavor, Chigul, Linda Ejiofor and more.

Since the film dropped on Saturday, it has attracted a frenzy of negative reviews and criticisms. The entire Nollywood industry has not been left out as several people have questioned the quality of films the industry sanctions.

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One Twitter user wrote

“#ChiefDaddy2 is a ridiculously foolish movie & this is me just being nice. The producers must really think we’re bereft of sense. I managed part 1 but this one is a No-No. After seeing this movie, you need a brain-boosting activity, to replenish your wisdom.”

“Truly no point to Chief Daddy 2. Just carried Nollywood heavyweights for nothing. The whole thing felt like an advert for Dubai & designer fits,” another wrote.

“Chief Daddy 2 is a like a secondary school production where the entire year had to get a speaking role, they don’t know what’s going on, it’s just vibes. And their confused parents are in the audience clapping because they think they’re children will be stars,” a user wrote.

“Chief daddy 2 has to be the worst Nigerian movie I have ever watched,” another user wrote.

A user added: “ This isn’t a review but I can’t believe they used Chief Daddy 2 to welcome y’all to 2022..”

“What can I say? Nigerian movies like this genuinely make me not want to watch Nigerian movies.

Skit makers write better scripts than this. Packing A list actors in a movie won’t make a sh!t less sh! user wrote


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