You are currently viewing These Extreme Y/Project Denim Panties Cost $315 (₦112,455)

These Extreme Y/Project Denim Panties Cost $315 (₦112,455)

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Fashion just keeps getting weirder as designers are more daring with their creativity. The latest buzz being made is about the extreme denim panties. This creation by Y/Project for Ssense costs $315 (₦112,455).



The denim panties are exactly what the name implies. It looks a lot like a denim diaper for grownups that can be worn over or under your trousers. Also, it’s underwear that’s both denim and expensive.


“Underwear that doesn’t need to stay under there,” reads the product description.




The piece first hit the runway of Paris Fashion Week in September 2018. It is weird, but people are talking about it and creating the buzz the brand needs. However, would you buy yourself a pair of $315 denim panties?


Y/Project’s show during Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2019, on September 27, 2018. Photo: Peter White / Getty Images


This “underwear” is part of a collection called Denim Five Ways. It features bleached jeans, a jacket, patchwork jeans and a $2870 denim skirt made of jean tops.


Several people are giving this new fad a backlash on Twitter. You can also join in on all the fun by reading through all the Twitter reactions below. Add yours too and join in on the laughs.



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