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The Effective Guide To Getting Your Voice Heard At Meetings

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There’s something about meetings and introverts that don’t seem to agree. It could be the wide space of the room or the fact that your boss is sitting opposite you. Maybe your opinion was once ignored, or you felt an anxiety attack whispering your name when you tried speaking out.




The reasons why you just can’t get your voice heard are endless, and we can go on and on about it. If you’re still in doubt about your personality trait and its effect on reaction to meetings, answer these questions:

  • Do you think best when you’re by yourself?
  • Are you more productive when you work alone?
  • Is interacting one on one with colleagues easier?
  • Do you do your best teamwork when with independently-motivated colleagues?
  • Have people always had to drag your opinion out of you?
  • Do you avoid conflict, small talk and group situations?


If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you’re welcome to the introvert club. However, don’t panic because all hope isn’t lost. Being an introvert just means you’re more reserved. You work better alone and actually show results. As an introvert, you’re not all words and no action because you put your contemplation skills to good use.


The disadvantage is that you have an aversion to meetings and all it stands for. You are expected to contribute your quota if you want anything resolved. The truth is that no one can read your mind, so you need to discover how to be vocal at meetings beyond your body language.


There are some people who have discovered the secret to speaking at meetings and getting their voice heard. This is where this new infographic from On Stride Financial comes in.


The effective guide to getting your voice heard at meetings


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