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The Best 2019 April Fool Jokes By Big Tech Companies

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Tech companies get creative year after year with different April Fool jokes and pranks. These corporations have put always put efforts into lying for laughs. Here are some of the best ones from this year.


Amazon’s Audible announced the release of a product for Fish. It intended to be a three-second-long audiobook experience for aquatic animals. Quite hilarious stuff. Hopefully, everyone was smart enough not to fall for that one.


Spotify celebrated April Fool in style too. They put together a “Discocover Weekly” playlist to replace the normal “Discover Weekly” one. The playlist consisted of disco covers of non-disco songs. Some users found it pretty interesting.

April Fool's Day


Google had some tricks up their sleeves. First, they put together a handful of different product announcements. It included a video showing off the new “Screen Cleaner” feature in the mobile Files app. The new app was to work like a windshield, but for a phone.


They also announced a new device that could speak to flowers. And the best part was the Snake Video game added to Google Maps.


Alphabet in Waymo, a company affiliated with Google, also announced a ride-sharing service for pets called Waymo Pet.

Waymo pet April Fool's day prank


On Microsoft’s part, they sent an internal memo to their employees last week warning them not to take part in any April Fools’ jokes. They thought people might take the joke too seriously.

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