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Tesla Smart Cars Now Self Diagnose And Pre-Order Parts

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Tesla recently launched some very interesting features that make it easier for Tesla car owners. Cars can now receive software updates and get fixed in case anything goes wrong.


Tesla cars can now diagnose themselves and pre-order parts to a Tesla Service Centre when needed. Tesla users recently noticed a new message on the car’s main screen. The message stated, “An unexpected condition has been detected.” It added that a replacement part had then been pre-shipped to the preferred Tesla Service Centre.


The users were then prompted to use their Tesla account or Tesla Mobile App to schedule a service visit.


The new feature has since been confirmed by Tesla via a tweet.



This new next-level technology makes it easier to own high tech Tesla cars. The car can diagnose the problem itself, proffer solutions and even create an avenue for repairs.


On 7th May 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also confirmed another new feature for the smart cars. It will now have a new setting to receive software updates once they are available.


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