You are currently viewing Tech Layoffs: Elon Musk Cut Twitter Staff From 7,500 To 1,300

Tech Layoffs: Elon Musk Cut Twitter Staff From 7,500 To 1,300

Ever since taking over the tech company, Twitter has seen nearly 6,200 employees leave, either through layoffs or voluntary resignations, according to a CNBC report via Engagdet.


When the billionaire was taking over in October 2022, there were reports that he planned to fire over 75% of the company’s staff. However, he denied the stories, claiming that the layoffs would affect only a fraction of that number.


In truth, he started with layoffs of the executives and then about 1,100 employees. Since then, there have been layoffs about every week at the tech company and it is not just non-essential staffs that are being laid off. Even full-time engineers have lost their jobs with only less than 550 of them left.


Elon Musk seen hanging out at Twitter HQ's bar with his new employees
Elon Musk hanging out at Twitter HQ’s bar with employees. Image Source: BusinessToday.


Employees working in administrative and policy roles have borne the brunt of the layoffs with Musk scrapping several departments like the moderation team, in favour of a context-like idea, which is called Community Notes.


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On taking over, the new Twitter CEO said that the company had been running at a loss for years. And with the several videos we see on TikTok of tech employees spending less than three hours working and the rest of their time eating and sightseeing, which Musk interacts with, we expect that he would leave no stone unturned until everyone is working while they are at work.


There are other reports that claim that under the new Twitter administration, employees are working longer hours and several benefits, like free lunch has been scrapped. Also, the company has auctioned off several items from its headquarters in San Francisco to raise money.


Twitter building
Twitter building. Image Source: WIRED.


From estimates, Twitter has shed its workforce load by 80% since Elon Musk took over the reins. Since then, there have been several new features added to the platform and some old ones taken out. Perhaps, the most prominent additions are those surrounding Twitter Blue and the verification check badge.


Despite the job cuts, the #RIPTwitter hashtag seems to have not been a true predictions. Besides a few hiccups, dramas, and some boycotts, the company is doing well, all things considered. It is equally important to point out that even other tech companies that did not undergo change of ownerships have experienced massive layoffs too,


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