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How Google Plans To Fend Off ChatGPT Threat

Google, according to reports by The New York Times, is planning to launch up to 20 AI products in 2023 to rival ChatGPT and maintain its search reign.


This development is not unexpected as many who know the Alphabet-owned company anticipated this countermove. Even OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, who made the trending chatbot, mentioned the possibility in a recent interview.


Altman said that the likelihood that ChatGPT would replace Google any time soon was unlikely because of the ability of the search giant to adapt and remain competitive.


Even before the AI-powered chatbot became a thing, Google has been facing rivalries on all front. In a previous article, we covered how viral social media platform, TikTok, was cornering some of the search traffic, especially for video-related searches and among Gen Z internet users. Then, there is Amazon, where people typically turn to when they want to buy stuff.


Google office
Google faces stiff opposition from all sides. Image Source: CNBC.


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Back in December 2022, Google had hinted at having the capability to launch an equally powerful AI product but was holding to protect its reputation. However, it seems that Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI is the real threat here.


While there is no timeline for Google AI products, the company had released an update of what it had been doing in the AI space. It revealed details about its language, vision and generative models in a lengthy blog post.


One way that Google chatbot could even beat ChatGPT is if it leverages the recency power of Google Search, something the OpenAI tool has not quite been able to do as it returns an apologetic message when you ask it about recent develops that happened after 2021.


ChatGPT capability is limited to 2021.
ChatGPT capability is limited to 2021.


We can only cross our fingers now in anticipation of just what the competition will be like between Google AI and OpenAI. On one hand, we have a trillion-dollar giant and the other, we have a startup with backing from another trillion-dollar company and former world’s richest person.


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