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Taylor Swift Releases Stunning Visuals for “Lover”

The much-awaited seventh studio album of pop icon Taylor Swift was released on Friday. Prior to that, she teased fans on YouTube and Instagram, dropping little Easter eggs here and there. Shortly before releasing the album, she also released the visuals for one of the tracks of the same name: “Lover”.


Taylor swift lover video
Photo: Instagram


The “Lover” video has had fans spinning theories and speculating about Taylor Swift being either secretly married or pregnant. We can neither confirm nor deny these theories. But we can definitely say that this video is brimming with symbolism.


taylor swift releases lover video
Photo: Taylor Swift Vevo/YouTube


In the scene above, Taylor and her “Lover” are seen in a fishbowl. Taylor previously commented about her life in the public eye, comparing it to living in a fishbowl. Her ‘lover’ entering into the fishbowl with her speaks a lot about what he is willing to sacrifice for their relationship.


The Lover music video opens with a little girl sitting in a room with a Christmas tree. The girl holds a snowglobe in her hands. In the snowglobe, there is a dollhouse with monochrome rooms where each scene of the stunning and colourful music video takes place.


taylor swift releases lover video
Photo: Taylor Swift Vevo/YouTube


Taylor Swift’s Lover is a waltzing song, full of fiddle and fairytale weddings. Pitchfork described it as “[harking] back to the Old Taylor“. It is full of the optimism and affection that comes with new love. The live band instrumentals give it an organic feel while the smooth soprano of Taylor’s voice adds the pop perk to the mix.


Check out the video below:


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