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Tag Heuer Now Has A Limited Edition Super Mario Themed Smartwatch

Hey, Mario fans!! Luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer has announced it is partnering with Super Mario to create a Limited Edition Smart Watch.


Close up of the Tag Heuer X Super Mario smartwatch.


You can expect this to be one of the rarest and most expensive smartwatches to be produced.


TAG Heuer's Super Mario-themed luxury smartwatch releasing in the UAE this week - Esquire Middle East


Tag Heuer is currently accepting preorders for those interested in purchasing the smartwatch.


The Super Mario and Tag Heuer collaboration is a $2,150 Wear OS watch - The Verge


So you will be notified when it’s time to order, hurry though only 2,000 Tag Heuer X Super Mario Limited Edition smartwatches will be available.



The smartwatch has some cool Super Mario effects. For instance, when it’s at 9 sharp, the smartwatch lights and makes Mario invisible. Its bezels are filled with striking red highlights. Featuring Mario’s elements such as the Super Mushroom, the Pipe, and the Super Star.


Tag Heuer announces $2,150 Super Mario-themed Android smartwatch | TechSpot


The smartwatch crown is crafted down to eye-catching details, with the M symbol of Mario engraved on it in red lacquer.

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When you meet your activity milestone throughout the day, like runs, and workouts, a super Mario effect kicks in to congratulate you.


Tag Heuer made a Super Mario-themed smartwatch because why not | Engadget


The Heuer X Super Mario smartwatch can use 3 different Super Mario animations for the watch face. Use the Music controller app for your songs, track your meetings using the Agenda App.


Tag Heuer X Super Mario smartwatch.


You can pay securely using Google pay with just a twist of the wrist and it runs Google’s Wear OS software. For wellness, the smartwatch can monitor your heart rate. Daily calories, steps and show you key performance metrics on the go.


Tag Heuer X Super Mario smartwatch with travel case.


The Limited edition will be available for $2,150 on Tag Heuer’s official website and in selected TAG Heuer boutique stores around the world from July 15.



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