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Spotify launches audiobook services

Spotify is launching its new audiobooks service in the US starting with about 300,000 titles and a unique interface.

The company specially designed the interface for listening to audiobooks and it has a section of its own in the library. Meanwhile, in search, audiobooks are separated and has a curated recommendation feature on the platform’s home page.

Spotify audiobooks will be available for purchase and downloads individually, both for free users and premium subscribers, from the website.

So, for now, downloads are directly from Spotify website, even if users find the book on the app. Meanwhile, for how it will work, there will be features like offline listening, automatic bookmarking, speed control, and user rating.

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The music streaming company has hinted at its intention of rolling out the audiobooks service in additional markets, but says that it will only be available in the US for now.

With a projection that the audiobooks industry is growing by about 20 percent year-over-year, according to Nir Zicherman, Spotify’s Vice President and Global Head of Audiobooks and Gated Content, the company hopes to be a market leader. Already, audiobooks is said to occupy about 7 percent of the world’s book market.

Of course, with this venture, Spotify is crossing swords with Audible and Blinkist, but the company is investing heavily in this field and banks on its popularity among music lovers to edge out competitors eventually.

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