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SpaceX Completes 60th Mission In 2022 With 54 Starlink Satellites Launch

SpaceX announced launching the Falcon 9 once again in 2022, completing its goal of 60 launches this year, with 54 Starlink satellites headed for low-Earth orbit.

In March, the company’s head, Elon Musk, had tweeted that the team was aiming for 60 launches in 2022. Now, they have achieved that goal.

The satellites that the Falcon 9 rocket carried was the first version of the generation 2 (Gen2) fleet. It will usher in a new stage for the space internet connection arm of the company.

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“Under our new license, we are now able to deploy satellites to new orbits that will add even more capacity to the network,” Jesse Anderson, a SpaceX production and engineering manager, said. “Ultimately, this enables us to add more customers and provide faster service, particularly in areas that are currently oversubscribed.”

The Falcon 9’s first stage, as we have now come to expect, returned to Earth eight minutes after liftoff and landed on the SpaceX drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. It was the eleventh time the company had used the rocket

In 2021, SpaceX had launched 31 flights and its 2022 achievement shows that it nearly doubled that number. There are still 7,446 Gen2 satellites left on its Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license after the 54 it already sent to space. In the future, we may see the company launch the rest of its satellites aboard the massive Starship rocket. Although, it is yet to get flying clearance.

These satellites are expected to handle more traffic than its predecessor and operate without the need of additional relays, beaming their service directly into smartphones.

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