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SpaceX Increases Starlink Satellite Prices In Ukraine

Starlink satellite services in Ukraine are seeing increased prices for terminals and rates for monthly subscriptions.

According to a report by the Financial Times, the prices are approaching almost double their usual costs and it is not clear why. Starlink terminals are now going for about $700 (up from its former $385) and the monthly subs are now up from $60 to $75, starting from December 29.

Starlink satellite services became popular in Ukraine after Russia invaded its territory and consistently targeted its communication systems as well as other infrastructures. At the time that Elon Musk announced the operations in the war-torn country, he mentioned that the cost was adjusted to reflect local market conditions.

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However, the company is yet to explain why the price spike is now happening. Meanwhile, as The Verge reported, prices have not changed in most parts of Europe and the US, although, there was also increase in costs for users in Poland as well, which is close to Ukraine.

Also, it is not clear if the new prices would affect the Starlink satellites owned by the Ukrainian government courtesy of donations from SpaceX and NATO, or just individual users.

There are speculations that the price increase is a way for SpaceX to recover the losses it incurred when the US failed to pay for additional terminals in Ukraine which it then went in to provide anyway.

It is important to note that for many people and the Ukrainian soldiers, Starlink internet connection is more than a luxury but an essential part of their lives.

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