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South Africans Protests Burna Boy Performing At Africans Unite Concert

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South Africans have protested popular Nigerian musician Burna Boy performing at the forthcoming Africans Unite Concert scheduled for 23rd and 24th November 2019.


Some artistes in South Africa, under the name Tshwane Entertainment Collective, subsequently sent a petition to the country’s Ministry of Arts and Culture.


First, the group is against the ministry bringing international artistes to the country when they fail to fund local events. Secondly, the petition is to kick against Burna Boy performing in the concert.


In a recent video, the spokesperson for the group said:

“Burna Boy has threatened violence to a fellow South African artiste, and also spread falsehood around the xenophobic attack.”



South Africans Protests Burna Boy performing at the African Unite Concert


Burna Boy announced on Twitter a few days ago that he will be in South Africa at the Africans Unite Concert. This comes months after the xenophobic attack on Nigerians living in South Africa.


He tweeted:


Burna Boy noted that the show, tagged Africans Unite, will be the first of many. According to the African Giant, he will then donate part of the proceeds to the victims of Xenophobic attacks.


He also expressed hope that everyone can keep contributing in their own way to make the world a better and safer place for each other.


Burna is yet to make a public statement on the issue. What is your opinion on the move by this South African group? Is this protest not against the concept of the concert in the first place?


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