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Six EBook Reader Apps Every Reader Needs To Know About

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In the world of technology, a lot of people are finding it easier to carry their books on their devices. Paperbacks may never go extinct but, if you prefer your eBooks, there are a few apps for you.


A lot of people find it easier to simply download our books onto their gadgets. It is also very easy to find affordable and free books online. This means that you no longer need to worry about your books wearing and tearing. You can be sure you always have them on the cloud.


E-reader for ebooks


1. Wattpad

Wattpad is a very interesting app, not just for readers but for writers as well. It has a friendly interface and is very easy to navigate. You have access to thousands of famous and upcoming writers. It allows you to change the background and text colour preference. You can also adjust the font size, and it is very comfortable to read. It is a simple app where you can download books in parts.


2. Moon+ Reader

This free app offers readers unique reading pleasure with its fine control displays settings. It has a status bar that displays your reading progress. It is a great app for avid readers.



Nook plays host to over two million books, magazines and newspapers. It offers a feature that automatically syncs the last page you read across various devices for a seamless reading experience. Nook also lets you adjust the screen brightness for when you are reading at night. It is available on Android, iTunes and Windows.


4. Bluefire Reader

This reader has several features like highlighting, note-taking, bookmarking and contextual searching. It offers a page sync feature for when you sign in on another device. Bluefire reader allows in-app browsing for downloading and easy navigation. It also has a day/night mode.


5. Amazon Kindle

Kindle is one of the more popular ones. Even though it has its own device, you can access the app on other devices too. The app’s technology from Amazon lets you sync your bookmarks, highlights and notes across all devices. It also has a built-in dictionary to look up new words. It gives you access to Google search and Wikipedia features. You also get a wide range of books, magazines and newspapers for purchase.


6. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko is great for when you want to read books in ePub and PDF formats. It does not take up too much memory space. The e-reader is a perfect alternative to most of the other famous eBook apps. It also offers great extensive features that let you adjust font size or face and change background settings.

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