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Six Budget-Friendly Tricks To Bring Spoiled Clothes Back To Life

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Your spoiled clothes can turn a good day into a bad day. It’s even more annoying when it’s one of your favourites. Rather than throw it in the bin and then conduct a spoiled clothes burial, you can restore it. There are many hacks to restoring clothes but only a few truly work.


We have six simple hacks you can try to get your clothes back in order.


1. Loose zipper


Does your zipper slide down on its own after you’ve zipped it up? For that age-old zipper down mishap, you can get your zip firm and locked with nail hardener. By simply applying a bit on the zipper, you’ll get it to zip perfectly. You can also rub soap on a spoiled zipper to fix it. No more loose zipper.


2. White deodorant on dark clothes mishap


So, you’re in a hurry to step out and you quickly put on your clothes after applying deodorant. Oops! The white stain is too obvious and you just want to cry. Don’t let that get you down. You can fix this quickly with one wipe. Use a baby wipe or a makeup remover to rub it off. Now, off you go, white stain free!


3. Faded clothes


Certainly, you have the coloured clothing item you love but can’t wear anymore. You can’t because it’s faded from the numerous times you washed and exposed it to the sun. But don’t worry! You can revive the colour back easily. With the use of white vinegar for synthetic and salt for natural fabrics, you can get them looking bright again. Add 2-3 tablespoons to your washing powder.


4. Iron stains


These are the worse but most common. Are you guilty of burning your clothes every now, and then and leaving the annoying iron stain behind? You can get rid of it simply by wiping or ironing with a cloth moistened with hydrogen peroxide.


5. Stinky shoes


Sometimes, the smell of your shoes can throw you off, especially if it’s your best pair. You need to wear it but can’t afford to be caught in it. That’s the worse kind of attention to draw upon yourself. So, the best way to get rid of that bacteria-caused smell is to tie it up in a plastic bag and stick it into the freezer. Since the smell is caused by bacteria attracted to the sweat resulting from wearing it, you can get rid of it at low temperature. Leave it in the freezer for 12-24 hours.


6. Itchy, faded wool sweater


You can prevent your woollen sweater from feeling itchy and losing its colour. Since low temperature kills moth and bacteria, you can keep your wool sweater tied up in a bag and locked up in a freezer. Also, this will cause it to shed less. You can then retrieve after 10 hours, de-freeze in warm water and dry it off. Enjoy your day in warmth and comfort.

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