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Simi Reveals She Was Uninspired And Struggled To Record “Duduke”

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Popular Nigerian singer Simi recently recalled how she struggled while making “Duduke” which is arguably the “biggest song” of her career.

Featuring in Joey Akan’s ‘Afrobeats Intelligence‘, the 32-year-old singer said she was very uninspired when she started working on “Duduke” in her first trimester.

Simi Reveals She Was Uninspired And Struggle To Record While Pregnant

“It was actually really hard because my first trimester was really difficult. I had pretty bad morning sickness and I was throwing up a lot. That was not the worst. The worst part for me is that I was very very uninspired.

Music wasn’t one of my favourite things at that time. I didn’t want to record. And it really hurt me because I just renovated my studio, so I was really excited. I didn’t expect to feel like that.  Couldn’t record. I didn’t have energy.”

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“For almost four months, I wasn’t in the mood. I remember Kunle (Adekunle Gold) brought a mini studio because we have a mini studio that we travel with so he kinda set something up in the room, and be like ‘just try, just try.’

Because of the way I feel about music, I’m obsessed. So when I’m not able to record or sing, people around me are worried. So he was really worried. He was like ‘babe, how about just try. Okay just try and record something‘

And I’d just record maybe like 20 minutes in the day just at least to do something.  I recorded ‘Duduke’ when I was pregnant too. I actually wrote two different versions of the song.” She said.


The visuals of Simi’s “Duduke” was released on 19th April 2020 which coincided with her 32nd birthday. The talented vocalist showed off her baby bump using the video to announce her pregnancy to their followers. In February, “Duduke” won the “Song Of The Year” at the 2021 Headies.Award. The video is currently 34 Million viewers mark on YouTube 11 months after its release.


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