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Seven Daily Habits That Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stress is almost unavoidable as we go through life. At some point we go through varying degrees of stress and anxiety; some avoidable, some are not.Seven Daily Habits That Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety

While most of us want a magic wand to wave away all our stress and anxiety, it does take a bit of work to combat and reduce them to minimal levels. The best way to reduce stress is by developing healthy relieving routines and habits.

Here are seven daily habits that can help reduce your stress and anxiety.


The act of meditating involves sitting in a relaxed positing and clearing out your mind of all worries, stress and anxieties. While there’s no set duration for meditation, it can range from a period of 5 to 20 minutes.

This practice spurn from different cultures and religions has been known as an age-long way to reduce stress. Cultivating the habit of allowing your body and mind to relax can help your anxiety drift away leaving you better refreshed to take on a new day. However, consistency is key. This is why you must develop a habit of meditating daily to reap even more of its benefits.


Keeping a detailed journal of your thoughts can be a good way of keeping your anxiety in check. Sometimes,  writing out all your anxious thoughts in a paper or an online note can make you see them as less threatening and overwhelming. Also, this habit will help you look back at your past thoughts and see how well you’re progressing.

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When you exercise, your brain releases feel-good cannabis-like chemicals (endogenous cannabinoids) that leaves a lingering feeling of wellbeing. Working out also takes your mind off the constant vicious circle of anxiety and you are flooded with endorphins that uplift your mood and spirits. Developing a habit of constantly exercising would significantly help reduce your stress and anxiety.

Practice gratefulness

If you’re dealing with anxiety, then you may want to be more intentional about be grateful for the things in your life. By doing so, you can take a huge leap from feeling dark and sad, thereby clamping down your anxiety. It will help you focus on the positive sides of your life and be more hopeful for what the future nrings.

Curate your social media

Social Media is continually being flooded with information. People are posting pictures, sharing opinions, think pieces and news and other e-messages a billion by the minute.

This is why it’s important to curate your social media as some of it can be triggering for your anxiety. Reduce your time spent on social media and also cutting down to only the kind of content you want to see. Curating simply means arranging your timeline to show only what you want to see or interact with.

Get good sleep

The importance of a healthy sleeping habit to stress and anxiety levels cannot be overemphasised. Not getting enough sleep can cause your stress and anxiety levels to spike. Develop a healthy sleep routine and endeavour to go to bed at the same time even if you can’t immediately find sleep when you do. Also, avoid looking at screens either of TVs or phones as this will help.


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