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Saying Yes To These Questions Means You’re Happier Than You Think

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There are people who seem happier than you no matter how awesome you think your life is. Asking yourself some questions might make them seem happier than you. When faced with the crazy whirling social media, you become caught up while trying to fit in. Also, you tend to question if you’ve done enough just yet. Try as you may, you would never measure up because you would always find someone who seems happier. Therefore, you need to stick to comparing yourself with yourself!


No one else should be on that measurement scale but you. Certainly, it’s good to look up to people as mentors and aspirants. However, if you call yourself a failure because you aren’t the president of your country, or as rich as Dangote or Bill Gates, then you need to re-assess yourself.


When it comes to you, how far do you want to come in life? What are the measures you’ve put in place to achieve this? Also, compared to the ‘you’ of last year; how much have you grown? Simply put, you can only be truly happy when you shut-out the urge to compare with others and evaluate yourself based on your past. Successes and failures are all part of you, and you can grow too. Become the best version of you by practising self-evaluation. Go through the questions below to find out if you’re actually happier than you think. Then you can also learn and develop new habits.


Saying yes to these questions means you’re happier than you think



1. Do you care less about what people think?

Everyone would always have an opinion about you, but how do you receive those opinions? Those who care less about what others think about them, the way they act, dress or look, are much happier than you think. They have no sense of obligation to people who will always find some sort of flaw in them. Living your life without wondering what A or B thinks about you makes you become happier.


2. Do you embrace and learn from failure?

A lot of people are afraid to fail, whereas, every success has a failure story in tow. Every successful person today has a litany of failures behind them. If you want to make changes in life, you can’t remain stuck in one place, you have to go ahead and try. Sure, you might not get it right the first time, but then you’ve learnt one way that thing doesn’t work.


3. Are you doing what you love?

In this age and time where people chase money more than dreams, it’s true that not everyone is fulfilled and happy. Being happier means that you enjoy what you do. There are no two ways about it; it’s true. When you engage in a job or activity you enjoy, you find yourself enjoying the process. There are ways you can get yourself involved in what you love without quitting your job. If you don’t know what you enjoy doing the most, write out all your strengths. Also, write out what you do with ease and do well. Going along that line can help you lead a happier life.


4. How often do you let others have the spotlight?

Some people need constant self-validation, so they seek for constant attention. They want to be recognised for everything they achieve. Whereas, people who are happier already have that validation inside. They can easily let others have the spotlight even when they know they are the ones who did a good job. Being happy with yourself is better than looking for external sources of happiness.


5. Do you have a good number of close friends?

Remember the saying, ‘no man is an island?’ Well, humans are social beings. Taking that opportunity to socialise with a few close friends could save you from an early death. People who don’t have strong social relationships are 50 per cent more likely to die at any given time than those who do. Therefore, you need a small social circle of close friends who you can spend time with now and then. They contribute to making you happier than you think.


6. Does gratitude make you happier?

Being grateful is vital. You need to learn how to express gratitude in order to become happier. Science proves that practising gratitude can increase your happiness by 25%. You might not have all that you want, but being grateful for all that you’ve got is a plus.


7. Do you offer a helping hand?

There are more ways you can help someone without money. By assisting someone, you can go a long way in easing pressure off that person. An added advantage is the way you feel after helping out. It’s more blessed to give than to receive, and this is the proof. Become happier by helping someone.


8. Do you enjoy making memories that would last a lifetime?

Rather than focus on just work and how to earn money, what memories are you making? When you look back at this time in the next year or decade, will you smile? You should make memories with those around you and yourself, giving yourself more reasons to smile.


Be happy and make merry! Life is too short to worry. We hope that, with these questions, you can determine if you really are happier than you think.

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