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Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable Apps Having Sign-In Issues

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is not the only device customers are having problems with. Users are also now reporting log-in issues and a “white screen death” on the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app.


Apparently, the Galaxy Wearable app has been down for the past few days. Hundred of users worldwide have reported log-in and update issues. The issue supposedly affects the Galaxy Watch Active watches and the Samsung Gear. The app is also reportedly freezing on a white screen when users attempt to sign in on their phones.


Reviewer and YouTube creator Gavin’s Gadgets on Twitter started a thread where he made a complaint. So far, hundreds of other users have also shared their own issues.



A thread of Samsung’s community forum which started on 18th April 2019 also now has multiple pages of users reporting problems with the app.


The issue now spans across other Android devices. Some of the devices are Google Pixel phones, Moto G7 and the Xiaomi Mi 9.


However, Gavin recently reported that Samsung has been able to rectify the issue as it was a server problem.


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