Rift Between Peruzzi And Former Record Label Boss Resurfaces

Rift Between Peruzzi And Former Record Label Boss Resurfaces

The controversy between DMW singer Peruzzi and his former music boss Patrick Anyaene has resurfaced after they dragged themselves on the internet last year January.

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The matter returned to the internet on Saturday 3rd April after Peruzzi’s interview on Nancy Isime’s show. On the show, Peruzzi spoke about how Patrick once got him arrested over the issue.

He said, “You are still going on social media, it means it’s not favouring you now. Me, I’m good. Me, I like court. He got me arrested one time now, I landed from Lagos to Abuja, I had a show and he got me arrested. You say you have an artist, right and that you have a contract and the artist breached the contract. That means if you go to court, you would win [the case] for sure right? So why don’t you just go there?” 

This did not go down well with Patrick Anyaene, record label boss of GoldenBoy entertainment. In a Twitter post, he went on to say he was begged by Perruzzi’s lawyers to take the case off social media.

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In January 2020, Patrick Anyaene in a 17-tweet thread explained how he signed Peruzzi into his record label, only for him to meet Davido and join the DMW crew.


Patrick stated that he will continue to call out both Peruzzi and Davido until he gets his full settlement. He also released an audio recording that reveals that Peruzzi had recorded “FIA” “Fall”, “Ada” and “Risky” while he was with Golden Boy Entertainment. Reacting to Patrick’s allegations, Peruzzi took to Twitter to clear the air. He was quick to call out Patrick for selling his songs to Nollywood and other individuals without his consent.


Trust us to follow up as this story develops.


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