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Relationship Problems That Could Indicate Some Anxiety Issues

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“Anxiety can cause strain on a relationship, and often will if it is not treated properly.”
– Alana Barlia, LMHC


You keep questioning yourself and wondering why your relationships don’t work out. Try as you may, even with the best principles for a long lasting relationship, it rarely does. This could make you feel like a failure when things go awry. However, if your relationship problems are consistent then there must be a source. If you keep experiencing the same issues in every relationship, with the same result, then there’s a root cause. One cause could be a mood disorder, anxiety.


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Anxiety is a tough disorder that takes time and effort from both parties to work through. It could take a big toll on your relationship if not properly diagnosed and treated. You can treat anxiety by consulting a therapist, practising yoga and meditating. The major effective treatment in any relationship is communication.


Alana Barlia says,

“One major tip to sustaining a relationship when one or both partners have anxiety is communication. Communication is key to any relationship, especially when one person is experiencing mental health concerns.”


Relationship problems that could indicate some anxiety issues

1. You have trust issues


It doesn’t matter if your partner is the nicest man on earth who has done all he can to earn your trust. Being anxious just implies that you always seek a loophole. You can’t bring yourself to open up your trust-box for him in case he hurts you. All you can hope for is talking to your partner about your anxiety would help. Your partner needs to be patient with you as you get yourself worked on and your trust built. It isn’t a real relationship without the trust factor.

2. Jumping to conclusions


It can be very easy to sabotage your own relationship by finding faults that may be nonexistent. You jump to conclusions very easily by believing the worst of your partner. When this happens, rather than react, practice some calming meditation or yoga techniques. Another way is to consult your therapist’s advice and talk it out. Just try not to jump to conclusions or beat yourself up over the ‘what ifs’.

3. You don’t speak the truth


Even when your partner has done something wrong, your fear causes you to pretend. You don’t say how you truly feel and, over time, that can cause a bigger problem in a relationship. Arguments and misunderstandings are inevitable, so you shouldn’t fear them. Learn how to communicate your true feelings instead of clouding them. You also tend to fear the idea of breaking up, so you do and say anything that your partner wants.

4. Isolating yourself from your partner


Sure, you like your isolation. You’d rather be alone than be around people. Does this ring a bell? Well, this hurts your partner and could make them feel like they’re being a burden. Or even worse, it affects your connection with them. Since you’d rather be on your own often, they feel like you’re pushing them away. The solution is to work on your communication the best way you can. Might not be easy from the onset, but it will be worth it in saving your relationship.

5. Intimacy becomes a major issue


Being intimate makes you feel vulnerable. Therefore, you try all you can to avoid being in that state sometimes. It is highly anxiety-provoking. Try opening up and sharing your feelings, it would help you a whole lot.

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