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Reasons Why Saliva As Lubricant During S*x Is A Bad Idea According To Expert

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Many people are guilty of using saliva as a lubricant during s*x. However, according to medical expert Dr Diran Ojelakin, the use of saliva as a lubricant during s*xual intercourse is unhealthy and should be discouraged.

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Ojelakin who’s a physician at the Life Goal Hospital, Ilorin, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Tuesday, March 9th that the usage of saliva during intercourse is not a good idea as it exposes the female to STIs.

While saliva might seem like a good option in the heat of intercourse, “any STI, either in the mouth or throat, can easily be introduced into the v****a when saliva was used.”


“Some herpes are not visible on the lips or mouth for you to know if your partner has it or not,” he says.  “so the best thing is to avoid it. Herpes can be present with blisters or sores, but it can also be transmitted asymptomatically.”

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And it is not only herpes that can be transmitted this way. Gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis, others can also be transmitted to the genitals through saliva,” he said.

According to the physician, bacterias that thrive in the mouth can be harmful and dangerous if introduced to the v*gina.

”Saliva also contains digestive enzymes that break down food. When you introduce these bacteria and enzymes into your v*gina, the result can upset your vaginal microbiome.

”This leaves you susceptible to developing a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. And apart from the health implications, saliva doesn’t have slippery consistency and it dries up easily, so it’s not even enjoyable.


”So, the best thing is to get a water-based lubricant in any pharmacy, so as to reduce the risk of infection and also reduce friction,” he said.


So, you’ve heard the good doctor; saliva is not your friend during intercourse. You can buy recommended lubricants from your local pharmacy. There is even the flavoured variety you can use to spice up things in bed.


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