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Rapper Victony Shocks Fans As He Stands To Perform At Davido’s Concert

Rapper Victony surprised his fans at Davido’s concert when he stood to perform a track with Mayorkun, titled “Holy Father”.


The concert which marked Davido’s 10th year on stage took place on Friday 24th December at the Eko Convention Center Lagos.

At the event, Victony was wheeled onto the stage, but when it was performance time, he insisted on standing to sing.

“Everybody knows my story, how it went down. Earlier this year was dark. Shoutout to all my fans, Shoutout to OBO, and thats’ why I brought a Christmas gift here. For the first time, I want to perform “Holy father properly on my feet. ” He said as he stood to the excitement of all present.

Screams, Excitements As Victony Stands Up To Perform 'Holy Father' With Mayorkun (Video) — Global Times Nigeria
L-R: Mayorkun, Victony and Davido

In April, Victony was involved in a car accident that left one person identified as Doyin dead while others were severely injured.

The entertainer was returning home from a birthday party organised by Oxlade, another Nigerian singer, in the company of his friends when the incident occurred.

He had to get surgery after the car crash and has since then been wheelchair-ridden.

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Earlier this month, the singer whose real name is Victory Anthony spoke about the aftermath of the accident in a chat with Clout Africa. In the interview, the singer said he was withdrawn from family and friends after the incident.

He also said that the sympathetic messages from well-wishers left him drained.

“After the accident happened, I was in a messed up space, physically and mentally. I didn’t want to talk to family or friends and I just wanted to be by myself. The feeling was exhausting and I didn’t want to be around people,” Victony said.

Hearing ‘sorry’ all the time is listening to the same thing like 5000 times. I just wanted to be by myself.”

Victony is signed to MainlandBlockParty, a record label owned by Tobi Mohammed.

Watch the video of Victony’s performance at Davido’s concert below


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