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Princess Shyngle Files For Divorce From Husband After Three Months Of Marriage

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Ghanaian actress Princess Shyngle is filing for divorce from her childhood crush and husband Gibou Bala Gaye after three months of marriage.

Princess Shyngle Kisses Her Husband In Loved-up Photo

The actress is accusing her husband of domestic violence citing it as the reason why she’s filing for divorce from him. On April 10th, Shyngle took to her Instagram stories to share series of videos and audio recordings of her now estranged husband confessing to abusing her.


“Since you want to tell the world everything, tell them you are a woman beater. Let them know you put your hands on women and pull guns on women,” she captioned the audio recordings.


The actress also shared a photo of divorce papers showing she has already penned her signature to it. Shyngle revealed she’s been chasing down Bala Gaye to sign the papers as well for eight weeks but he has so far refused to do so.

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She appealed to him to sign so they can both move on with their lives.

Meanwhile, in January Princess Shngyle had annouced she’d tied the knot with her childhood crush Gibou Bala Gaye. The excited actress had written;

I just married my best friend 💍 ❤️. My crush since 8th grade 🤩 even though you didn’t use to look my way back then 🤣😂 . The only man I ever hit on numerous times but I had no luck 😂🤣 instead you choose to be my friend for over 10 years,”

Princess Shyngle Announces Marriage To Her Childhood Crush

Princess Shyngle got engaged to another man, Frederick Baji in January 2020. She had gushed about him at the time, recounting how he slid into her DMs and charmed her. Shyngle later revealed in April that he was arrested and in jail.


There’s no news if he’s still in jail or has been released.



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