You are currently viewing Plat4om Giveaway: Win A Samsung TV, Infinix Phone And More Exciting Gifts

Plat4om Giveaway: Win A Samsung TV, Infinix Phone And More Exciting Gifts

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If you’re an active Plat4omer, you’d know how much we love giving out free stuff. This time, in our latest Plat4om giveaway, you stand a chance to win a 40-inch Samsung TV, an Infinix Hot 7 smartphone and a brand new Bosch electric kettle if you complete a given task right on time.


Plat4om has, so far, given away a Samsung S10 phone, an electric kettle, a rice cooker, a laptop bagan air fryera Motorola smartphone, loads of free airtime and much more.


Take a look at the gifts you stand a chance to win if you finish the challenge in first, second or third place.


The first Plat4om follower to successfully complete the given task wins the giveaway challenge and gets a brand new 40-inch Samsung television. The next two winners will go home with an Infinix Hot 7 smartphone and a Bosch electric kettle respectively.


Sounds juicy, doesn’t it? So get on it quickly! We can’t wait to give you these gifts. Keep reading to find out all you need to do to win this challenge.


Plat4om giveaway


What you need to do:

  • First, subscribe to our YouTube channel here.
  • Watch the Plat4om video on Bola Shagaya’s 60th birthday celebration. (Find the video below.)
  • Then, while watching the video, spot at least 35 public figures. Ensure you know all their names.
  • Then put down a list of these names in the comments section below. Make sure your list has the time slot where you spotted them. For example, “Chidirim Ndeche (00:03)”.
  • Plat4om will follow up with you to ensure that you’re on the right track.
  • Finally, make sure you fill in the contact field with your active email address in the comments section so that we can reach you if need be.


The video


Please note that your comments will not be visible until we select our winners. We don’t want others “lifting” from your hard work.


That’s all!


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