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Phil Collins Sues Ex Wife After She Dumps Him For Another Man

Iconic American singer Phil Collins is taking legal action against ex-wife Orianne after the two called it quits again.

The “In the Air Tonight” singer, 69, originally split from Orianne, 46, in 2006 after six years of marriage. However, the two reconciled 10 years later, entering a relationship again after she divorced investment banker Charles Mejjati.

Collins reportedly paid Orianne with whom he shares sons Nicholas, 19, and Matthew 15,  $46.68 million in their 2008 divorce.

Phil Collins Takes Legal Action Against Ex Wife 10 Years After They Reconciled

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Collins has sued Orianne for allegedly refusing to vacate his Miami Beach, Florida, home, claiming that she married another man, Thomas Bates in Las Vegas on 2nd August.


Collins gave Orianne until Monday, 12th October, to pack her bags and leave the property, according to the documents. The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, accuses Orianne of unlawful detainer and forcible entry. Orianne and Bates, according to the documents, have “taken possession of the Property by a show of force,” allegedly hiring “armed guards to patrol the Property with openly displayed firearms” and changing alarm codes.

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Back in February 2016, Phil  Collins confirmed to PEOPLE that he and Orianne resumed their relationship. He explains that it “Wasn’t something we wanted to make a song and dance about. But obviously, when you have children, there are two ways you can go. You can go the nasty way or you can go the nice way, and we always went the nice way and we realized we missed each other,” he added at the time.


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