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Here is how to pause annoying Windows update notifications

So, you don’t want to update your Windows yet? Here is how to pause it

Windows update is important and so are its notifications because they remind us that there is a newer version of the OS available. However, sometimes, these notifications can be relentless, and annoying. You may be putting off updating your device for a long time but if you don’t pause the notifications, they will keep coming back.

So, you want to pause your Windows update and its notifications? Not to worry, there is no shame in admitting it. Even Microsoft understands how intrusive they can be, that is why there is an option to do just that. Here is what you need to do:

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  • First, go to your PC Settings and locate the Update & Security option
  • When you open the Update & Security tab, you can choose to Pause updates for 7 days (for those using Windows 11, you may have to search for Check for updates, open it and select Pause for 1 week)
  • Microsoft will inform you that your device will not be updated while updates are paused and it will resume when the 7 days elapse
  • In addition, from the Advanced options, you can pause the annoying updates notifications and extend the number of pause days to 35, but no more, and your PC will automatically update when the 35 days elapse.

This tab also provides info on what latest version of the Windows OS can run on your PC as well as other vital details like update history and more.

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