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Panasonic Debunks Cutting Ties With Huawei

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Contrary to earlier news reports, the latest statement released by Panasonic suggests that the company will continue supplying Huawei as normal. The Japan electronics company put the statement on its China website today, Thursday, 23rd May 2019.


There was an earlier statement by the electronics company where it said it had stopped the shipment of some components to Huawei. However, the new statement said:

“Currently, Panasonic Corp is still supplying for Huawei. The reports from online media about being out of stock are simply untrue. Huawei has always been an important partner with Panasonic Corp.

“We will continue to sell commodities and provide service to our Chinese clients like Huawei, according to the law and regulations of the country and region which Panasonic Corp is located. By helping China, we will help our business grow in China too.”




Panasonic confirmed a cordial business relationship with Huawei. The statement continued:

“Panasonic is an important partner of Huawei, and the two sides work closely together in various fields. All business cooperation between Panasonic and Huawei remains in continuous and normal progress.”


Meanwhile, a widespread statement indicated that the US ban may have forced the company to cut ties with Huawei.


Panasonic spokesman Joe Flynn said, “We’ve stopped all business transactions with Huawei and its 68 group companies … that are subject to the US government ban.”


He added that they issued an internal instruction to fully enforce the rule.


Mobile network carriers in Britain and Japan have now announced that they would postpone the release of smartphones made by Huawei. A British telecom giant company, EE, has also said it would phase out the use of Huawei equipment in the important elements of its network structure.


There are also reports that Japan’s Toshiba has temporarily stopped shipments to Huawei. It is doing this in order to check if US-made parts were involved in the ban. This is so it can comply with the new restrictions.


A South Korean paper also reported earlier today that the United States government lobbied South Korea not to use Huawei. A US State Department also reportedly asked the South Korean government to drive Huawei out of their country immediately. He allegedly told them not to allow Huawei in sensitive areas of their country.


Even though South Korea is a US ally, China happens to be its biggest export market.

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