Òlòtūré Scandal: Journalist Accuse Producers Of “Stealing” Her Investigative Work

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A journalist, Tobore Ovuorie has called out the producers of Nigerian Netflix original film Òlòtūré for stealing her investigative report.ÒlòtūréAccording to Ovuorie, the film is based on her critically acclaimed human trafficking report published on Premium Times in 2014.


In a series of tweets, the journalist accused EbonyLife for not giving her due credit.

Ovuorie bio reads: “Multiple award-winning Freelance Investigative Journalist whose 2014 undercover investigation was STOLEN by @ebonylifefilms &made into  @Netflix #OlotureTheMovie”


She said the producers placed a caveat on the film listing it as a work of “fiction” even though it’s a direct adaptation of her investigative work.

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The report on Premium Times indeed bears an eerie resemblance to the plot of Òlòtūré. The opening paragraph reads:

“Six out of 10 people who are trafficked to the West are Nigerians. PREMIUM TIMES investigative reporter, Tobore Ovuorie, was motivated by years of research into the plight of trafficked women in the country, as well as the loss of a friend, to go undercover in a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise. She emerged, bruised and beaten but thankfully alive, after witnessing orgies, big money deals in jute bags, police-supervised pickpocketing, beatings and even murder. This is her story.”


Meanwhile, EbonyLife is yet to respond to the accusations at the time of this report.


Òlòtūré follows the story of an ambitious young journalist who goes undercover to take down a human trafficking syndicate. The film with Sharon Ooja is Nigeria’s first Netflix original and is currently doing good numbers on the platform.



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