You are currently viewing #OloniThread: Diabolical Things Women Do To Keep Their Men

#OloniThread: Diabolical Things Women Do To Keep Their Men

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A few days ago, British s*x and relationship blogger Dami Olonisakin, popularly known as Oloni, started a challenge hashtagged #OloniThread. She then called out to women who have used diabolical power to woo a man to state what they used.


What she wanted was for them to explain how far they will go to keep their man in a relationship. She, however, promised to keep their identities anonymous. The responses she got will shock you. This thread subsequently left the male folks scared at the extent women are ready to go to tie them down.



One lady explained how she waited for a full moon to soak a picture of her man in a bowl of water containing salt and rose leaves. However, it doesn’t stop there. The ritual also involved her chanting incantations and a manifestation prayer.


Another stated that she kept bay leaves under her pillow at the dawn of a new moon. This ritual, in turn, made her boyfriend love her hard.


They weren’t all sweet stories, however.


A lady stated her attempt to use “Juju” (black magic) on her boyfriend backfired. This lady explained that she had used the powder in her boyfriend’s meal as instructed by the native doctor, who also told her to say incantations over him when he is asleep.


She was busy with the incantations when her boyfriend woke up, and you know something like that automatically marks the end of the relationship.


The Oloni thread became an eye-opener for Twitter users, with many shocked to see what some women will do to keep their man. Others also mentioned the part that pressure to marry plays in making women desperate enough to go to such lengths for a relationship.


See some reactions below:




Meanwhile, a video of a lady advertising the sale of padlocks surfaced on the internet. The lady then stated that the padlock is for a man you are in a relationship with to make him keep coming back to you.



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Ladies, how far would you go to keep your man? Share your opinions on the matter in the comments section below.

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