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Nintendo Profits Decline Year-On-Year Despite Switch 89 Million Unit Sales

Nintendo announced its last quarter earning numbers recently; profits declined despite the Switch 89 million unit sale.

Nintendo Q1 earnings report shows Covid pandemic hot streak has fizzled out - CNN

The gaming company made net sales of 322.6 billion yen ($2.94 billion) declining 9.9% from last’s year quarter. Whereas operating profits of 119.6 billion yen ($1.09 billion) declining 17.3% from last year.

The Japanese company yesterday, said it sold 4.45 million switches alongside 45.29 million software. Its switch sales fell 21.7% from last year and software sales fell 10.2% from last year’s.Nintendo Second-Quarter Earnings: What to Watch - WSJ

These figures show that people weren’t indoors playing its games as they did last year, at the peak of the global pandemic.

Nintendo’s surge for video games has waned, its smash-hit game Animal Crossing: New Horizons rode on the waves of the pandemic.

This year, Nintendo has no smash-hit title to boast its software sales, hence the decline. Its soon-to-be-released Nintendo Switch OLED will definitely boast sealed despite its lackluster features.

The Original Nintendo Switch
The Original Nintendo Switch


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The OLED Switch

The original switch has a 6.2 inch LCD screen with a maximum resolution of High Definition (720p), this new OLED switch houses a 7-inch screen. Another tiny difference is the switch OLED memory with twice the memory of the original switch at 64GB of internal storage.Nintendo Switch OLED, A small upgrade

Slightly bigger than the last switch, the new Nintendo Switch has potential to be the favorite for families during the holiday season.

The console will be released on October 8, slapped with “OLED” and “2021” tags, certainly will sell.

An upgrade from the last generation’s, “LCD” screen is just about alright. This new model will sell for $350.

When compared to Sony’s PlayStation 10 million unit sales for last year, Nintendo’s earnings are underwhelming. The company will need to release smash hit titles alongside its OLED switch console to boost revenue and profit.


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